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HGWC important announcement,(video)

Assalamualaikum WaRahamathullah WaBarakah
Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen!
Wassalaatu wassalaamu ala nabiyyina muhammad sal allahu alaihi wasallam.

HGWC whole Heartedly wishes you a "blessed Ramadhan"

HGWC stands for Human Guidance and Welfare Centre. Based in the city ofChennai, India.

By now HGWC has 8 branches in the Localities of Chennai.

It has been into many activities since 3 to 4 years. The Activities of HGWC have been affirmed and certified 

by the Renowned Scholars of India which makes it a Completely Trusted Organization.

Mentioned Below are some of the reputed activities.

▶One to One Da'wah to Non Muslims  
▶One to One Islaah to Muslims 
▶Free distribution of Pamphlets,Books,Qur'an etc.,
▶Tarbiyyah & Support for REVERTS
▶Organizing Da'wah Training camps
▶Serving & Consoling the sicks in Hospitals
▶Organizing Medical & Blood donation camps
▶Free Ruqyah Services
▶Hijamah camps on regular basis
▶Free distribution of clothes to poor 
▶Free Tuitions for school students
▶Renovating the affected homes of the poor 
▶Providing financial help for education
▶Quran Classes & Weekly Bayans
▶Organizing Islamic & Arabic Classes etc.,
▶Summer Islamic Courses
▶Islamic classes exclusively for sisters 
▶Organizing Monthly Bayans across the city
▶Organizing Islamic Conferences
▶Auto stickers & hoardings of Quranic verses
▶Pamphlet Racks & posters @ Commercial places & more...

Furthermore HGWC has established Ma'had Tahfeez ul Qur'an (Institute of Memorizing Qur'an) and has also 

established Madaaris and Maraakiz in many areas of the City which have always served the Ummah in the 

best manner possible.

HGWC is also involved in many other Activities.

Alhamdulillah till now, through HGWC, The message of Islam has been conveyed to nearly a 50,000 non-

muslims, more than 12000 copies of multiple translations of Qur'an Gifted and more than 500 people have 

embraced Islam.

A Humble Request From HGWC:

All the above things happen only by the will of Allah by Guiding you to donate your humble contributions to us.

HGWC believes that, its only Allah who has selected it to be among those who work for the cause of 

Spreading Islam.

We know very well that all the activities are based on two pillars. They are Manpower and Finance.

Firstly HGWC would advice you to be a part of its mission physically and get involved with it in carrying the 


Secondly , HGWC makes a kind request to you to Donate your Zakaath and Sadaqah for this humble cause 

and be a part of this.

And by this you will be successful in this world as well as in the aakhirah Insha Allah

Bank Account Details:-
A/c No.: 50200000677749
Bank Name: HDFC
Branch: Ayanavaram
IFSC code: HDFC 0001865

For More Details: contact



JazakAllahu Khair

Thanks & Regards,

Human Guidance & Welfare Centre

#55, Strahans Road, Pattalam, Ch-12.

Ph: 98844 84455 | 98402 84054 | 90430 98885 ||


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