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HGWC Activities – a glance

-->Da'wah to Non Muslims  (Explained in the bottom)
-->Islaah to Muslims  (Explained in the bottom)
-->Free distribution of Pamphlets,Books,Qur'an etc.,
-->Tarbiyyah & Support for reverts
-->Organizing Da'wah Training camps
-->Serving & Consoling the sick in Hospitals
-->Organizing Medical & Blood donation camps
-->Free Ruqyah Services
-->Free distribution of clothes to poor
-->Free Tuitions for school students
-->Renovating the affected homes of the pooor
-->Providing financial help for education
-->Quran Classes & Weekly Bayans
-->Organizing Islamic & Arabic Classes etc.,
-->Summer Islamic Courses
-->Islamic classes exclusively for sisters
-->Organizing Monthly Bayans across the city
-->Organizing Isalamic Conferences
-->Auto stickers & hoardings of Quranic verses
-->Pamphlet Racks & posters @ Commercial places & more...


           Being carried out for more than 2yrs “THE MESSAGE OF ISLAM” – Conveyed to more than 30,000 people; “THE BOOK OF ALLAH” – Given to more than 8000 people; “THE TESTIMONY OF ISLAM” – Accepted by more than 250 people. All this has happened by the help of Allah, Guiding you to donate your humble contributions.

We request you to kindly make sadaqah for the blessed work of “SPREADING THE MESSAGE OF ISLAM”

Means of dawah – stalls at streets and roads, personal face to face interaction at parks beach and other crowded outing spots , door to door, social media, pamphlets and booklets racks placed in various shops and restaurants, vehicles carrying stickers with quran verses


Every month one islaahi program like half day conference and Street Meeting, Summer Islamic courses, and other islaahi classes in the various units.

           Head office cum Madarsa:- Located in highly populated area affected with ignorance & poverty.
            Royapettah Madarsa: Located in a highly populated ignorant area.

            Kosapet Area Madarsa: Located in a non muslim area

Various activities are held in the above madaaris.

We are looking forward to open up madaaris is all the units present now.




            Free Medical camps, Free tuitions, Free cloth distributing, Scholarships, Helping debt affected persons, Natural calamities, interest free loans, Ruqyatush Shariyyah, Medications for sick, Blood donation etc..

Helping the Reverts:

            Employment help, clearing debts, taking care of their families when they learn Islam, Setting their homes, Marriages etc…

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