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Its time to help them!
Do the best you can!


Assalamualaikum WaRahmathullahi WaBarakatuhu

Massive Rains hit chennai!
many parts of Chennai flooded
people undergoing huge loss.
Northern Chennai in the height of worst condition.
Severe damage to houses and lives.
No food! No water! No shelter!
Its time to help them!
Do the best you can!

*chennai updates (north chennai) - as on 11pm, Monday, 16th November 2015.
*rains stopped since evening
*no power in many parts of Northern Chennai since 40 hours as current passing through water causing severe damage
* 2 houses were on fire due to electricity passing in water
* 2 buildings collapsed
* Alhamdulillah water level going down inch by inch.
* water level 2-3ft in main roads and 3 - 4 ft in streets
*death toll increasing
*vehicles passing are bearing severe damages
*affected people moved to schools and marriage halls
* food being distributed in few parts

*if rain doesn't continues*
*more food to be arranged for next 2 - 3 days
*clothes to be provided
*need of blankets

Join us n become a volunteer in serving humanity!
or Donate the best from your side!

pls contact : HGWC

Bank account details
A/C Name:Human Guidance and Welfare Centre
A/C number: 50200000677749
Bank Name: HDFC
Branch: Ayanawaram
IFSC Code: HDFC0001865

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