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The Munaafiqoon (hypocrites) and the festivals of the disbelievers [Sheikh Salih Al Munajid]

1. The socialist Baath party in one of the Arab countries tried to abolish Udh-hiyah (sacrifices for ‘Eed al-Adh-ha) on the grounds of famine and drought. Their supporters put up a huge banner on which was written: “For the sake of the hungry and the poor and the naked, donate the value of the sheep for Udh-hiyah.” (See al- Istijaabah magazine, vol. 4, Rabee’ ath-Thaani 1406 AH)
'Eed al-Adh-ha came and went, and the Muslims in that country offered their sacrifices. Then when Christmas and New Year approached, preparations began to celebrate them. When Christmas and New Year came, they were official holidays in that country, and there were lavish parties and promiscuous soirees. Foremost among the people celebrating were the leaders of the socialist Baath party whose joy at the Christian festivals made them forget the needs of the poor, hungry and naked, whose plight they only remembered at the time of the Muslims’ 'Eeds!

2. One of them wrote in his weekly column, under the title of “Tolerance” (see ‘Ukaadh newspaper, 28/8/1418, 5/9/1418, 12/9/1418 AH) words that indicate the sickness in his heart and the weakness of his religion. The tolerance to which he referred was with regard to the Christian festivals of Christmas and New Year. Among the things that this pseudo-Faqeeh said was:

“This human brotherhood includes all of humankind, and there is no division and enmity except when there is fighting and when the Muslims are opposed by another group – then there will be fighting, enmity and legitimate self-defense, despite the fact that some extremists and terrorist groups are trying to extinguish this light by spreading interpretations and ideas which encourage hatred and boycotting the world. So they make noise on occasions which are celebrated by the entire world and consider congratulating others to be a deviation from Islam. But in fact, I tell you, these occasions spread love, not hatred, and bring people together, not divide them.”

The author went on, in his compliant and defeatist series on tolerance, which went on for three issues, to cover the Christians festivals for which his heart overflowed with love. In his second article, he said: “Its origin is kindness, (i.e. tolerance and justice)."

As for enmity, it is directed towards those who have declared hostility against us. The matter of difference of religion is something which will be up to the justice and mercy of Allaah The Almighty on the Day of Judgment.

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