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`Umar reported that on one occasion ALLAH's Messenger (saw) stood up among them and said, "Whoever among you desires the center of paradise should keep close to the Jamaa'ah (community) for the Devil closely accompanies the solitary individual and is more distant from two."

`Abdullah reported that on one occasion ALLAH's Messenger drew a line in the
dust with his hand and said, "This is the straight path of ALLAH." Then he drew a
series of lines to the right and to the left of it and said, "Each of these paths has a
devil at its head inviting people to it." He then recited, "Verily this is my straight
path so follow it and do not follow the (twisted) paths.”
`Abdullah ibn 'Amr reported that ALLAH's Messenger (saw) said, "What happened
to the children of Israel will surely happen to my nation, step by step. So much so
that if there are those who openly have sex with their mothers, among them there
will be among my nation those who do that. Surely the Israelites splintered into
seventy-two sects and my nation will splinter into seventy-three sects, all of
which will be in the fire except one." When the (Sahaabah) asked: "Which sect is
it, 0 Messenger of ALLAH?" He replied, "The one followed by my companions and
`Aa'ishah reported that the Prophet (saw) said, "Whoever does something not
approved by us will have it rejected6.
1. Taken from “The Devil’s Deception” by Ibn Al-Jawzi
2. Collected by at-Tirmidhi and declared authentic by al-Albaanee.
3. Surah Al-An’am, 6:163
4. Collected by Ibn Majah and authenticated by al-Albaanee.
5. Collected by at-Tirmidhi and authenticated by al-Albaanee.
6. Collected by al-Bukhari and Muslim.

Anas ibn Malik reported that the Prophet (saw) said, "Whoever dislikes my
Sunnah is not a true follower."
`Abdur-Rahman ibn 'Amr as-Salami said that he heard `Irbaad Ibn Saariyah
saying, "ALLAH's Messenger (saw) delivered a sermon to us whereby the eyes
welled forth tears and the hearts were softened. We said, "ALLAH's Messenger,
this is a sermon of a person bidding farewell! So what do you enjoin upon us?" He
said, "I am leaving you on brightness; its night is (as bright) as its day. None
would deviate from it except the one who is doomed to perish. Whosoever
survives would see many differences. Then it would be incumbent upon you to
adhere to my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the righteous and pious caliphs, with
which you are familiar. Hold fast to it with your teeth and obedience (to the
ruler) is obligatory upon you even if he be an Abyssinian slave. Verily, the (true)
believer is like a camel having a (pricking) bridle in its nose. To whichever
direction it is driven, it surrenders in submission2."
Ibn Mas'ood reported that ALLAH's Messenger (saw) said, "I will lead you to the
pond (in paradise), and some men will tremble and fall away from me. I will call
out, '0 Lord, they are my followers!' So it will be said, 'You do not know what they
invented after your passing3.'"
Aboo Dardaa reported that ALLAH's Messenger (saw) came forth to us while we
were sitting making mention of destitution, "Do you fear destitution? By ALLAH,
in Whose Hands is my life, (the riches of) the world will be poured upon you
abundantly, till nothing but this (world) will cause the heart of anyone of you to
deviate (from the truth). By ALLAH, I am leaving you (after me) with something
like brightness; its night and its day are alike." Aboo Dardaa said, "By ALLAH,
1. Collected by Al-Bukhari and Muslim.
2. Collected by Ibn Maajah, authenticated by al-Albaanee in Sahih Sunan Ibn Maajah
3. Collected by Al-Bukhari and Muslim.

ALLAH's Messenger (saw) left us on (a path) like brightness."
AI-Miqdaam Ibn Ma'dikarib Al-Kindi reported ALLAH's Messenger (saw) as
saying, "Very soon a tradition of mine will be related to person lying on his couch
who will say, `The Book of ALLAH (the Qur’an) is (enough) between you and us.
Whatever we find in it as halaal (lawful), we accept it as halaal and whatever we
find in it as haram (unlawful), we take that as haram.' Behold, whatever ALLAH's
Messenger (saw) has declared as haram is just like that which ALLAH has
declared as haraam.”
`Abdullah ibn Mas`ood reported on the authority of his father, that ALLAH's
Messenger (saw) said, "He who deliberately attributes a lie to me, let him take his
seat in the Hell-Fire.”
Al-Munthir Ibn Jareer reported on the authority of his father that ALLAH's
Messenger (saw) said, "If anyone introduces a good tradition that is followed, he
has a reward for that and the reward equivalent to the reward of those who
follow it without any diminution in their own rewards; and if anyone introduces
an evil tradition that is followed, its burden as well as the burden of those who act
upon it, will lie upon him without any diminution in their own burdens4."
`Amr ibn `Awf Al-Muzanee reported that the ALLAH's Messenger (saw) said, "He
who revived a Sunnah of mine, then people acted upon it, would earn (a reward)
similar to the reward of one who acted according to it; nothing would be
deducted from his reward."
1. Collected by Ibn Maajah and authenticated by a]-Albaanee in Saheeh Sunan Ibn Maajah.
2. Collected by Ibn Maajah and authenticated by al-Albaanee in Saheeh Sunan Ibn Maajah.
3. Collected by Ibn Maajah and authenticated by al-Albaanee in Saheeh Sunan Ibn Maajah.
4. Collected by Ibn Maajah and authenticated by al-Albaanee in Saheeh Sunan Ibn Maajah.
5. Collected by Ibn Maajah and authenticated by al-Albaanee in Saheeh Sunan Ibn Maajah.

Abu Aaliyah1 reported that the Sahaabee, Ubay Ibn Ka`b said, "Adhere to ALLAH's
path and cling to the Sunnah, for anyone in ALLAH's path according to the
Sunnah, whose eyes swell up with tears out of piety when remembering ALLAH,
the Most Merciful, will never be touched by the Hell-fire. Surely a moderate
effort in the path of ALLAH and the Sunnah is better than great effort in
contradiction to them."
Sa`eed ibn Jubayr reported that the Sahaabee ibn `Abbas said, "Observing a man
from those who adhere to the Prophet's Sunnah, calling others to the Sunnah, and
prohibiting innovation, are in themselves worship."
`Aasim reported that Abul-Aaliyah said, "Adhere to the way things were before
the early generation became divided." Abu-Ishaaq Al-Fazaaree reported that al-
Awzaa'ee3 said, "Patiently restrict yourself to the Sunnah and do not go beyond
the limits held by the decisions of the Sahaabah; hold their positions and avoid
what they avoided, take the path of your righteous predecessors for verily what
was sufficient for them is sufficient for you."
1. His name was Ziyaad Al-Barra, and he was from Basrah. He was among the reliable
narrators of Hadeeth from the Sahaabah, his death was in 709CE and Hadeeths narrated by
him can be found in both Al-Bukhari and Muslim. (Ibn Hajar, Taqreeb At-Tahdheeb, vol.2,
p.443, no.10).
2. A reliable narrator from the Sahaabah who was born in Kufah. He was killed by the
Umayyad general, Al-Hajjaaj Ibn Yusuf, in the year 713 at the age of about fifty. (Taqreeb At-
Tahdheeb, vol.1, p.292, no. 133).
3. Abdur-Rahman Ibn `Ainr Al-Awzaâ’i (d.677) was a famous and reliable narrator of
Hadeeths as well as a major scholar of Islamic law. (Taqreeb At-Tahdheeb, vol. 1, p.493, no.

Ubay narrated that he heard Sufyaan1 say, "A declaration of faith is meaningless
without corresponding deeds: declarations and deeds are only real if based on
sincere intentions; and declarations, deeds, and intentions are only correct if they
agree with the Sunnah." 2
1. Sufyan ibn Sa’eed Ath-Thawree (d.681) was a reliable narrator of Hadeeths and a
famous scholar of Islamic law. (Taqreeb At-Tahdheeb, vol.1, p.311, no. 312).
2. End of Quote from “The Devil’s Deception” by Ibnul Jawzi.

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